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E & D Sitting in a Tree – Two lovebirds raising our Bean and Peanut on sunshine and pixie dust.

Kumusta | Hallo

Hi there!

We’re E and D — A second-generation Filipina and a Dutch boy who have known each other for a very long time. Since the 3rd grade to be exact. Over the years we stayed in touch and remained good friends until 2010 when we became official.

Over the course of 12+ years, we’ve moved to three states (D.C. to Virginia back to California and now Virginia); taken many road trips; added Lil Bean to our posse in 2017; and in 2020 added Lil Peanut to become a party of 4.

Today, we’re navigating our lives as partners and parents. Every day is an adventure!! We hope you join us in our journey as we share our travels, parenting stories, and more.


E & D