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  • Disney World Tips

    Disney World Tips

    Let’s get down to business… to defeat Disney World!!! Hehehe. Call us freaks. Nerds. Geeks. Fans. Enthusiasts. Devotees. Aficionados. Whatever. We really enjoy our trips to Disney World and Disneyland over the years. I know I’ve shared this before but fun fact: I’ve pretty much been to a Disney park each year of my life. […]

  • Rewind to Our Unwind

    Rewind to Our Unwind

    Before even going to the Democratic National Convention in Philly this year, I knew D and I needed another vacation. For D, he hit a major professional roadblock. He was trying for a good portion of the year to move us back to California by seeking a promotion in one of the Marriott hotels in […]

  • Let’s Get This Year Started

    Let’s Get This Year Started

    Happy New Year!!! Gotta get that one out of the way before it gets too late to say it! On to the good stuff. I hate to admit it, but I’m really behind on my blog posts… (So embarrassing.) The good news however, I have lots of material! And now that I’m only working 2 […]

  • Moving… again!

    Moving… again!

    I absolutely loathe moving. I’ve done it several times as an adult, and I’m at the point that one more move will probably break me. But hear me out!!! This streak of endless moves started in college. My dad went berserk one day after I told him my proposed living situation; I’d spend the week […]

  • Cherry Blossom Season

    Cherry Blossom Season

    I really like being able to experience seasons. Back in California we got a dry season and a rainy season. Pretty much all we ever get. But living in DC I’ve been able to watch the leaves turn bright yellow and red, the first snowflake fall, and the tiny buds bloom into beautiful blossoms. I […]

  • D’s Dirty 30

    D’s Dirty 30

    I’ve know D since he was 9 years old. We both were goofy looking, with huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths. Fast forward 21 years and D’s my partner in crime. We’ve also outgrown our goofy looks, huge glasses, and awkward gaps in our mouths! Thank goodness. Haha. For his 30th birthday, D […]

  • Bahama mama

    Bahama mama

    I wish I was sipping on one right now. Ah, a delicious Bahama mama. A few weeks ago I posted about our recent decision to visit the Bahamas in January. It was a bit spontaneous considering we didn’t officially know we were going until a few weeks prior to the trip. But again, that’s how […]

  • To travel is to live.

    To travel is to live.

    I renewed a promise to myself this year. That I was going to travel as much as possible. It’s not a new year’s resolution but a long-term commitment with my inner being that I need to keep. Far too often I’ve put my wanderlust aside for more adult-like things – bills, savings, investments, hours at […]

  • When you wish upon a star…

    When you wish upon a star…

    … your dreams come true. Well, maybe… I think I’ve already shared how much I love Disney. I love Disneyland. I love Disney World. I love Pixar movies. I simply love Disney. Something about that company – it makes you believe in fairy tales and happily ever after. It’s silly, but sometimes you need to […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    … to all. And to all a good night. D and I hope that you and yours enjoy the holidays and the company of the loved ones around you. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season where ever you are. ‘Til the next time. – E