An East Coast Fall

Changing weather. Apple cider donuts. Colored leaves. All of the above = my favorite things about an East Coast fall season. Even though Lil Bean was born in Virginia, she definitely doesn’t remember her first Fall. And the fall season in California is essentially nonexistent. The leaves never turn vibrant red, yellow, or orange.

So crazy as it may seem, when we found out we were coming back to the East Coast, I was extremely excited to experience seasons again. Even the crazy cold Winters: totally ecstatic! (I’m weird.) And when the leaves started to change colors, I went on the hunt for a photographer to snap our family and maternity photos. I wanted a quintessential Fall session — full of leaves, branches, twigs, and a beautiful warm sunset.

I spent a couple weeks trying to find a photographer by using the mommy groups on Facebook. I found a few, but there was one photographer in particular who I reached out to who was 1) super quick to respond, and 2) reasonably priced. Looking back at our photos, we were very impressed with how they turned out and would recommend Gabby to anyone. In fact, we loved them so much that when it was time for us to decide on newborn photos for Lil Peanut, we asked Gabby to do those as well.

The best thing about Gabby was she took the time to get Lil Bean adjusted. Lil Bean isn’t the best around strangers and really takes a bit to warm up to anyone. But Gabby was able to get her smiling and giggling in no time. I mean, just look at the photos she snapped of our Lil Bean! They were everything we were hoping for and more. <3

Without further ado, here are our 2019 Fall Family Photos — a mix of maternity and family shots. If you received our holiday card, yes, these are the photos we used. =) What better way to mark our first Fall back on the East Coast.

‘Til the next time.



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