Moving Back to California

Moving Back to California

After nearly a decade in the Washington D.C. area, D and I picked up our lives and moved back to California in November 2017. You’re probably wondering why such a late update!? Well, I just got busy… Motherhood, ya know?

We found out we were leaving Virginia/D.C. a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. The move happened so quickly, I don’t think I was able to process it very well. The time between Halloween and December 1st was a blur. Thankfully this time around we had movers to help us out. I don’t think I would have been able to do a cross-country move with just D and I. Especially with Lil Bean in tow! She was definitely a trooper through it all though.

So how did it go down? Well, D’s new place of employment gave him an offer letter and we had maybe 2 weeks tops to get everything in motion. But since he was working with his company on all the relocation stuff, we really didn’t solidify dates until a week before leaving Virginia/D.C. D’s last day at the Gaylord at National Harbor was Nov 24. We had a walk-through by the moving company on Nov 25. Movers came to pack up our stuff on Nov 28. Our cars were loaded onto a truck that same day in the evening. And we hopped on a plane bright and early on Nov 30.

For three weeks we were ‘homeless’ and stayed in D’s new hotel — the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. His new team welcomed us and graciously took care of us. Our room was perfect. It had enough space for Lil Bean to play and for me to work. D loved his commute; the shortest in his life. Hah. My parents visited so much because now, we were only an hour away versus a 5-hour plane ride. Lil Bean even crawled for the first time at the hotel. It was definitely an amazing experience, and I know that our situation is a unique one. We wouldn’t have had such a great move if it weren’t for the company taking care of us. They really thought of everything for employees and their families.

So, here we are! Nearly 3 months in. Our furniture arrived safely a few days before Christmas. Our cars also arrived safely the first week of December. We found an apartment near the Staples Center that gives me just enough D.C.-vibes with the right amount of California sunshine. We’re still tidying up here and there, but we’ve unpacked every box. A feat that may not impress some, but as parents it definitely impressed us. Hah.

In the back of my mind I get nostalgic for the long D.C. walks, the free admission at the museums, the take-out joints I loved to call on a crappy day. But, I quickly remember that we’re home. We’re close to our families. We’re enjoying 70-80 degree weather in February. We’re an hour away from Disneyland. It’s not all that bad. ^_^

‘Til the next time.
– E

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