Lil Bean’s 1st Birthday

Lil Bean’s 1st Birthday

Pardon the tardiness of this much needed post. I’ve been busy — mommyhood + full-time work = no time for myself. I haven’t figured out how to squeeze in ‘writing’. Though I really want to. I also haven’t figured out how to restart my ‘…it’s what’s for dinner’ series up again. Honestly, how do some moms do it?! Share your secrets please!!!

Alright, enough of that. Here’s what you really wanted to see! A precious 1-year old in her cute tutu!!! Which by-th-way is equal to having a glitter bomb go off in your living room… However, it was WORTH IT. See that face?! Who could say no to that face!!!!???? Not I.


‘Til the next time.
– E

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