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  • A Bucket List for My Firstborn

    We didn’t celebrate her half birthday last year, but this year we did. We made a big fuss about it all day. We even gave her treats and made cupcakes with sprinkles. Sort of like a ‘yes’ day. I think the reason why I was feeling like we should make a big fuss was because […]

  • Our ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ fun!

    Last year we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party and loved it. Lil Bean had a great time meeting her favorite Disney characters in their Halloween costumes. Despite being only 1.5 yrs old and passing out before the nighttime spectacular and fireworks, we thought overall it was a successful trip for Lil Bean. […]

  • Oh TWO-dles: Lil Bean’s 2nd Birthday Party

    We celebrated Lil Bean’s birthday over 2 months ago, AND IT WAS AMAZING! Since she loves Mickey and Minnie so much, we went with a Mickey’s Clubhouse theme. It took many months of planning but it was well worth it. Everyone had so much fun and we did it all under budget! How you might […]

  • Packing for Disney World

    So you booked your flight to Florida, pre-purchased your park tickets, and mapped out your FastPasses*. Now comes the crucial question, what do you need to pack?! We thought we’d revisit what we’ve packed in the past to help guide you with your packing decisions. If it’s a baby-free trip, then you can definitely pack […]

  • What’s in your Disney bag?

    Full disclosure, I’m not the person who packs our bags. I’m the person who ruffles through the bags and annoys my partner-for-life. I’m the DAD! It’s my job. E’s the organizing Queen (well, she’s really THE Queen). She packs our diaper bag and snack pack for Lil Bean. Here’s what we usually bring for a […]

  • A Rundown of Our Disneyland Passports

    Since returning to California, we made a big budget decision to purchase Disneyland annual passes. Our first year back, we utilized the Disney Premier passes for $1400/person because we were going on a 9-day vacation to Walt Disney World. It was worth it since we also used the passes a second time for our baby-free […]

  • Our 1st Family Portraits… FINALLY!

    I think there should just be an unspoken rule that I’m going to be late to everything because I’m 1) a mom and 2) can’t seem to get anywhere or do anything on time for a wide range reasons/excuses. These portraits for example. I’ve had them since March 2018. It’s now February 2019… Yeah, I’m […]

  • Lil Bean’s 1st Birthday

    Pardon the tardiness of this much needed post. I’ve been busy — mommyhood + full-time work = no time for myself. I haven’t figured out how to squeeze in ‘writing’. Though I really want to. I also haven’t figured out how to restart my ‘…it’s what’s for dinner’ series up again. Honestly, how do some […]

  • My (Almost) 1 Year Old

    My (almost) 1 year old is all-around crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy smart. Crazy loud. Crazy radiant. Crazy beautiful. Crazy sweet. Crazy strong. Crazy brave. I look at her and I ask myself “how did I get so lucky?”. How did the universe know that I was ready? Ready to redirect my time and energy into […]

  • Our 1st Family Vacation

    It’s been almost 3 months since our first family vacation and I’m still smitten about it. Lil Bean got a chance to meet so many Disney characters. My parents and D’s parents got their first taste of Disney World. And D and I made some wonderful memories with our baby girl. It was magical and […]