Our 1st Family Portraits… FINALLY!

Our 1st Family Portraits… FINALLY!

I think there should just be an unspoken rule that I’m going to be late to everything because I’m 1) a mom and 2) can’t seem to get anywhere or do anything on time for a wide range reasons/excuses. These portraits for example. I’ve had them since March 2018. It’s now February 2019… Yeah, I’m late… Very late.

I’m so late to posting these that we’ve already had our 2nd family portrait session. If you’re wondering when I’ll post those cute photos, I promise to try to post them THIS year. Hah.

A little background on these photos — D’s older brother wonderfully accepted my request to take pictures of us before Lil Bean turned one. You see, I’m frugal — mostly because despite the fact that D and I are both working full-time jobs/careers, we don’t have a lot of expendable income. The play money we do have goes towards our Disneyland and Disney World trips but even those trips are budgeted accordingly. Like many millennials, our two incomes just doesn’t allow for things like professional photography sessions at $500 a sitting session.

Don’t take it the wrong way — I’m not complaining about my frugal habits. In fact, I find them to be a fun challenge. I love challenges because I’m great at finding solutions. That’s me — I’m the solutions person. Sometimes our struggles also become our biggest accomplishments. With that said, I’m really happy with our first family portraits. D’s brother was able to capture a few great moments with our daughter — freezing time for us — and that in the end was all I really wanted.

‘Til the next time.
– E

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