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  • Oh TWO-dles: Lil Bean’s 2nd Birthday Party

    Oh TWO-dles: Lil Bean’s 2nd Birthday Party

    We celebrated Lil Bean’s birthday over 2 months ago, AND IT WAS AMAZING! Since she loves Mickey and Minnie so much, we went with a Mickey’s Clubhouse theme. It took many months of planning but it was well worth it. Everyone had so much fun and we did it all under budget! How you might […]

  • What Failed to Be

    What Failed to Be

    This post is going to be a rough one. Tears may ensue. Emotions may barrel through. But I need to write this to heal and to grow. I hope sharing my story will help someone out there; you are not alone. December 15, 2018: A positive pregnancy test I asked D to pick up a […]

  • A Rundown of Our Disneyland Passports

    A Rundown of Our Disneyland Passports

    Since returning to California, we made a big budget decision to purchase Disneyland annual passes. Our first year back, we utilized the Disney Premier passes for $1400/person because we were going on a 9-day vacation to Walt Disney World. It was worth it since we also used the passes a second time for our baby-free […]

  • Disney World sans Lil Bean

    Disney World sans Lil Bean

    Last summer, D realized we needed a little getaway. Deep down I thought so too, but I was more reluctant than D to leave Lil Bean for more than a day or two. I had many reasons, like, she’s still breastfeeding, she can’t go to sleep without me rocking her, and she’s not the greatest […]

  • Our 1st Family Portraits… FINALLY!

    Our 1st Family Portraits… FINALLY!

    I think there should just be an unspoken rule that I’m going to be late to everything because I’m 1) a mom and 2) can’t seem to get anywhere or do anything on time for a wide range reasons/excuses. These portraits for example. I’ve had them since March 2018. It’s now February 2019… Yeah, I’m […]

  • Lil Bean’s 1st Birthday

    Lil Bean’s 1st Birthday

    Pardon the tardiness of this much needed post. I’ve been busy — mommyhood + full-time work = no time for myself. I haven’t figured out how to squeeze in ‘writing’. Though I really want to. I also haven’t figured out how to restart my ‘…it’s what’s for dinner’ series up again. Honestly, how do some […]

  • My (Almost) 1 Year Old

    My (Almost) 1 Year Old

    My (almost) 1 year old is all-around crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy smart. Crazy loud. Crazy radiant. Crazy beautiful. Crazy sweet. Crazy strong. Crazy brave. I look at her and I ask myself “how did I get so lucky?”. How did the universe know that I was ready? Ready to redirect my time and energy into […]

  • Our 1st Family Vacation

    Our 1st Family Vacation

    It’s been almost 3 months since our first family vacation and I’m still smitten about it. Lil Bean got a chance to meet so many Disney characters. My parents and D’s parents got their first taste of Disney World. And D and I made some wonderful memories with our baby girl. It was magical and […]

  • 9 Months of Lil Bean

    9 Months of Lil Bean

    Where is my newborn!? Our tiny Lil Bean is 9 months old now. D and I are in the beginning stages of planning her 1st birthday. Every time I think about it, the more and more I yearn for those first few days. Why? She was sleeping all the time, so I had time to […]

  • Imperfect Motherhood

    Imperfect Motherhood

    Motherhood — it ain’t easy. No one said it would be. But the perception is that it should. From magazines to pinterest boards, society sells effortless mommy hood. I mean, women are inherently born with the nurturing gene, right? So when she pops out a baby, she should be good. Wrong. I spent my first […]